Desert Jungle

Jeannie Baker

Desert Jungle
Walker Books Ltd
United Kingdom
4 May 2023

Desert Jungle

Jeannie Baker

In spectacular and astonishing collage detail, Jeannie Baker captures the deep beauty, mystery, and hidden vitality of the desert landscape - and why it needs our protection.

Chico’s grandpa has taken him on holiday where he grew up as a child, out in the desert. Chico has no interest in exploring the land - the desert jungle frightens him, and he’d much rather play on his his tablet. Grandpa decides that it is time to show Chico the secrets and the wonders that the desert has to offer so that he will not fear it but, instead, welcome it, embrace it and help protect it.

Grandpa shows Chico paths through the cactus and the scrub, teaches Chico the plants’ names - ocotillo, cholla, cirios, pin cushion, fishhook - and, soon, Chico begins to understand the wonders of the wild. He learns the value of watching, waiting and listening for all the life that hums within his desert home.


Jeannie Baker’s creations have astounded me since I was small, staring for hours on end at her mixed-media collages that bring to life wonderous stories that sometimes don’t even need words to be told. Such joys as Window and Where the Forest Meets the Sea are household classics.

In this new tale, Desert Jungle, Baker captures the exotic mystery of a desert environment through the eyes of a child, as his grandpa draws him away from his device and teaches him, and us, about his desert home, and explores why it needs our help to continue to be sustained and protected.

Her author’s note at the end of the book also speaks of nature-deficit disorder, a growing worldwide problem. This is when children do not have a strong sense of belonging and connection to their natural environment and can even start to fear it. It can develop into an indifference towards environmental concerns, and towards living things that, with the current issues we all are facing, need to be understood and cared for. For ages 4+.

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