Jeannie Baker

Walker Books Ltd
United Kingdom
1 November 2010


Jeannie Baker

Two diverse countries and cultures are linked with warmth and charm in this two-in-one picture book.

This innovative picture book comprises two stories designed to be read simultaneously - one from the left, the other from the right. Page by page, we experience the lives of two little boys - one from an urban family in Sydney, Australia, the other from Morocco.

From busy motorways to desert landscapes, these worlds couldn’t be further apart. Yet with the journey of a homemade Moroccan carpet into the Australian boy’s home, we can see how these separate lives become intertwined. At the book’s conclusion, the family in Sydney can be seen enjoying their new purchase together while the Moroccan family are surfing the internet.

A powerful book, Mirror illustrates how our lives reflect each other and that we are all, even in some small way, connected.


A new Jeannie Baker is cause for excitement, and her stunning latest picture book shows an artist and storyteller at her masterful best.

You open up the book to find two volumes that tell two contrasting stories, but ultimately the same story: families living vastly different lifestyles but with similar needs and desires. The Australian father and son are setting out for the hardware store in heavy traffic. The Moroccan father and son are on a lone trek on a donkey through mountains and deserts, with an arid marketplace as their destination.

The dual-book format illustrates the two disparate worlds, but also highlights the universal themes of family, community and home. Baker’s intricate collages are truly amazing, but the cultural respect and humanity in this book make it shine.

Mirror is an important Australian picture book for ages three and up.

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