Samurai vs Ninja 1: The Battle for the Golden Egg

Nick Falk

Samurai vs Ninja 1: The Battle for the Golden Egg
Random House Australia
1 April 2015

Samurai vs Ninja 1: The Battle for the Golden Egg

Nick Falk

Get ready for the greatest battle of all time!

Get ready for the greatest battle of all time!

In the Edo Period of Japan, two teams fight for supremacy - the serious samurai and the scheming ninjas. To determine who is the best, a deadly contest is held. The prize is the Golden Egg, the most magnificent treasure in all of Japan. But when the ninjas cheat, the samurai will stop at nothing to get revenge.

Tighten your topknot and sharpen your sword - the Samurai vs Ninja battle is about to begin!


Learning to read can be a hard task for 6 and ups – give them something boring and you’re in danger of losing their attention for good. That’s why Nick Falk and Tony Flowers’ Samurai vs Ninja: The Battle for the Golden Egg is on our shortlist: with its high action and off-the-wall humour, it’s the just the right antidote to boredom.

In ancient Japan the ninja and the samurai aren’t exactly getting along. When a contest is announced to see who has the superior skills, both sides vow to try their hardest to win the prize of the famed Golden Egg. But after the ninja steal the Golden Egg, the samurai set their sights on revenge. This book is bound to have kids in hysterics, and as an added bonus it will teach them some facts about ancient Japan.

Holly Harper

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