A Small Collection of Happinesses

Zana Fraillon, Stephen Michael King (illus.)

A Small Collection of Happinesses
Hachette Australia
1 May 2024

A Small Collection of Happinesses

Zana Fraillon, Stephen Michael King (illus.)

An unforgettable story of friendship, hope and happiness from renowned Australian writer Zana Fraillon.

Are you ready? Are you listening? Something is about to begin.

When Ada arrives on the day of the Great Summer Storm, it is like the wind had picked her up and blown her in - walking stick and all - and dumped her right at the front gates of number 9 Hawkhurst Lane.

Unfortunately, Ada is not the kind of neighbour Hettie was hoping for. Cranky, impatient and a hater of cats, Ada has no intention of making friends.

But as the summer unfolds, Hettie and Ada discover they have more in common than they think. Could their unlikely friendship be the missing piece they never knew they needed?

With illustrations by Stephen Michael King.


In A Small Collection of Happinesses, two award-winning artists, author Zana Fraillon and illustrator Stephen Michael King, come together to create a whimsical tale of unexpected cross-generational friendship.

Set in a rundown block of apartments, it starts as a great summer storm rages outside. Hettie dances with glee, splashing in the puddles, convinced she created the weather with a spell. Rushing inside, she accidentally leaves her red gum boot in the hall.

Ada, unnoticed under the cover of thunder and lightning, is moving in next door. She discovers what she believes is an unusual welcome present: the red gum boot. No one knew she was coming, but in Ada’s mind it makes perfect sense that a present would be waiting for her. Besides, the boot will make a lovely vase.

An assortment of mishaps, moments of confusion and hilarious, competitive misunderstandings lead to a friendship that will change both Ada and Hettie, and their community, for the better.

The story touches on some heavy topics, such as grief, loss and belonging, but with a beautifully gentle as well as humorous manner. For ages 7+.

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