James Moloney

HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
1 June 2011


James Moloney

Sixteen-year-old Silvermay Hawker feels drawn to the newcomer in her village - a young man of solemn good looks named Tamlyn. But only heartache can come of this because Tamlyn is devoted to Nerigold and to little Lucien, her son.

So things seem, until the dark forces of Coyle Strongbow come in search of Nerigold’s baby and Silvermay is swept up in the young family’s escape. When Lucien is entrusted to her care, she discovers the startling horror of what he might become - and the truth about Tamlyn too.

Can Lucien be spared his fate - or is he doomed to become like Coyle? And Tamlyn, can he be trusted, can he be loved and can he love in return? Silvermay’s heart will not give him up, but what happens when devotion becomes a weapon in the hands of the ruthless?


Sixteen-year-old Silvermay Hawker is drawn to the newcomer in her village, the good-looking Tamlyn. But he is committed to Nerigold and her baby, Lucien. Tamlyn learns that Coyle Strongbow and his men are searching for Nerigold and her child and prepares to flee. Silvermay reluctantly agrees to accompany them to help care for mother and son. On this journey, she discovers why she is drawn to Tamlyn and what Lucien shall become if Strongbow succeeds.

Silvermay is the first book in a new fantasy adventure series by Australian author James Moloney. It is a thrilling read that outlines the importance of friendship and the fight between good and evil.

Daniela Perinac is from Readings Malvern.

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