We Are Starlings: Inside the Mesmerizing Magic of a Murmuration

Robert Furrow, Donna Jo Napoli, Marc Martin (illus.)

We Are Starlings: Inside the Mesmerizing Magic of a Murmuration
Random House USA Inc
United States
5 September 2023

We Are Starlings: Inside the Mesmerizing Magic of a Murmuration

Robert Furrow, Donna Jo Napoli, Marc Martin (illus.)

A stunning picture book for young nature lovers about starlings and the fascinating phenomenon of murmurations. Illustrated by the award-winning artist Marc Martin, this book about the natural world vividly explores how such an enigma is even possible.

Sweeping, diving, twisting, turning. To look up at a murmuration of starlings is an experience like no other. Hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of starlings fly together as one flock. The group ripples, whirls, and waves as each bird stays close to its neighbors in a harmonious synchronicity of movement.

The story is told from the point of view of the flock, which gives the reader an inside look at what is happening, and the breathtaking illustrations perfectly capture the ebb and flow of a murmuration. Young readers will witness and fully appreciate the extraordinary communication and collaboration abilities of these birds and may be able to apply these lessons to their own lives.


We have all looked up in wonder and seen the glorious dance of a murmuration of starlings, as they twirl, flutter and twist, creating beautiful images in front of our eyes. We have all also questioned how this phenomenon occurs.

Well, using the cleverly chosen words and knowledge of Robert Furrow and Donna Jo Napoli, alongside the incredibly gorgeous illustrations of award-winning artist Marc Martin, this stunning picture book explains just how this engineering feat of nature happens.

Told from the perspective of the birds within the flock, starting with their frosty early morning rise, hundreds of thousands of birds move as one, exploring, feeling the exhilaration of flight, and then the ebb as danger approaches and is evaded, and on to a time for sleep, and for finding a roost as one, but surrounded by many. And all in a harmony of movement, following a synchronicity all of its own.

This is shared in such a way that even the littlest reader can understand and appreciate the level of communication and instinct that is involved. A marvel to behold. For ages 3+.

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