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The Age Book of the Year Shortlists Announced

by Andrew McDonald

The shortlists of The Age Book of the Years awards were announced over the weekend.

Congratulations to all the shortlisted authors. It’s particularly warming to see books that have been overlooked in other award nominations being recognised here.

We’re especially pleased that Steven Amsterdam’s second novel What The Family Needed, Janette Turner Hospital’s collection of stories Forecast: Turb

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Q&A with Alice Melike Ülgezer, author of The Memory of Salt

by Will Heyward

Alice Melike Ülgezer chats with Will Heyward about her novel, The Memory of Salt.

The Memory of Salt tells the story of Ali, the daughter of a Turkish circus musician and a young doctor from Melbourne, and of her parents’ romance. Writers often mine their own lives for first novels – how personal is this story and how much of you went into the character of Ali?

One thing I must say first of…

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Q&A with Josephine Rowe, author of Tarcutta Wake

by Jessica Au

Josephine Rowe chats with Jessica Au about her short-story collection, Tarcutta Wake

Your stories are sometimes closer to vignettes – a glimpse into a life or a moment. Does preventing the reader from knowing more conversely give a piece greater imaginative depth?

That’s certainly the hope! I often liken it to photography, in that with a good photograph the ideas extend beyond the image – y…

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Q&A with Michael Brissenden, author of American Stories

by Robbie Egan

ABC North America correspondent Michael Brissenden has written a new book called American Stories: Tales of Hope and Anger, profiling the United States through an array of stories set in the lead-up to this year’s presidential election. Our Carlton shop manager Robbie Egan chatted to Michael about the book and the America of 2012.

The US is experiencing its most protracted economic slump si

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Round-Up of August New Release Books

by Martin Shaw

Our head book buyer Martin Shaw looks at new releases out this month.

A certain industry scallywag regularly opines about ‘booksniffers’ (NB: as this gentleman is somewhat of a Trojan of the digital book, there is some self-interest going on), which makes me all the more tempted to send him Julian Barnes’s little essay A Life with Books – a splendid account of what it means to live by, for,…

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Shortlists for the Ned Kelly Awards announced

by Andrew McDonald

The shortlists for the Ned Kelly Awards, recognising Australian crime writing, have been announced.

The Ned Kelly awards are one of the most prestigious awards in Australia for crime writing. The winners have been announced at the Melbourne Writers Festival since 2000 - and will be again this year on August 29 at an event at The Toff in Town. Tickets and more info here.

Congratulations t…

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Win a signed Oliver Jeffers print

by Andrew McDonald

Sign up to our kids' enewsletter in August and go in the running to win this beautiful Oliver Jeffers print.

When Oliver Jeffers was in Australia a couple of months ago he left us an amazing gift - a signed, illustrated print featuring some of his famous Hueys (from his latest picture book The New Jumper) as seen above.

And now we’re giving it away!

Simply sign-up to our kids' and Young A…

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A Tribute to Margaret Mahy

by Emily Gale

Emily Gale reflects on the loss of children’s and Young Adult author Margaret Mahy, who passed away yesterday aged 76.

By now there are plenty of online and printed tributes to the great Margaret Mahy from people who knew her personally or professionally. The details of her achievements are staggering – a Carnegie medal, the Hans Christian Anderson award, a writing career that lasted 43 yea…

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Mark’s Say: Putting together the Summer Reading Guide

by Mark Rubbo

Readings’ managing director Mark Rubbo tells us what to expect from our 2012 Summer Reading Guide.

Summer Reading Guides 2010 and 2011.

Each year around this time, a group of my colleagues and I gather together with publishers to decide what books we will put in our annual Summer Reading Guide. We see about 20 different publishers and probably close to 1000 books; it’s an interesting proces…

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Q&A with Jennifer Mills, author of The Rest is Weight

by Jessica Au

Jessica Au chats to Jennifer Mills about her new book, The Rest is Weight.

There’s a beautiful otherworldliness to this collection – a young architect endlessly perfecting plans for a gargantuan city, Russian pilots charged with controlling the weather. Why this gentle surrealism?

Short stories are far more playful than longer form writing, and since they don’t have to have as much structur…

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