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Why I want my sister to read Terry Pratchett

by Dani Solomon

Bookseller Dani Solomon tells us why she’s gifted her sister Terry Pratchett’s series about a witch named Tiffany Aching.

My sister turned 11 this year. She’s an excellent human with a wicked sense of humour who very much knows her own mind and I am stupidly proud of her just for existing. She’ll start high school soon and like any decent big sister who works in a bookshop I want to load up he…

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Sam Twyford-Moore on photography books

by Sam Twyford-Moore

Good writing about photography is hard to find. There are millions of photography books – instructions, owner manuals, individual artist monographs, digital camera guides for dummies – but few books of critical writing dedicated to the art. Usually it takes a non-expert stepping into the field to offer a different perspective and bring the book to attention. Janet Malcolm began writing about phot…

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Ric Hambleton wins the Age Short Story Award for 2013

At age 67, Ric Hambleton has been presented with two prizes in this year’s Age Short Story Awards.

Hambleton’s story about a group of young communists in Preston in the 1950s, ‘Joseph Stalin and the Bourgeois Ferret’, has won the $2000 first prize, while ‘Wotsername’ won the $500 third prize. The poet Lisa Jacobson, author of the acclaimed speculative verse novel The Sunlit Zone, was awarded the…

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What We’re Reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Robbie is listening to Ocean From Above

I’m listening to Melbourne band Seagull’s new album Ocean From Above, a haunting mix of classical guitars and distinct high pitched vocals, and a slow and intense listen that rewards patience as the musi…

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My Go-To-Gifts

by Bronte Coates

Gift-giving can be tricky. I regularly find people popping up on my gift list that I struggle to buy for: people I don’t know very well; people with dissimilar interests; people I’ve forgotten until the last minute. To that end, over the years I’ve created a list of ‘go-to-gifts’, books that have wide appeal which, more often than not, I’ve gifted on multiple occasions.

My best pick for anyone w…

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Five notable novels I read this year

by Nina Kenwood

The best novel I read this year: The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

I loved this big, bold novel. It follows a group of friends from their teen years at a summer camp in the 1970s through to middle age in the present day. It traces the evolving relationships among the group, the secrets they keep from one another and the impact of one person being more successful than another on a friendship. I f…

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Five books I have on my ‘to read’ pile in 2013

by Belle Place

Working with books is wonderful, for all the obvious reasons, but it’s our most common complaint that there is never enough time to read everything we would like – including the ones we quickly insist friends, family and acquaintances should be reading. So, I look forward to beginning my summer reading with a small collection of celebrated and recommended fiction titles from 2013 that I didn’t ma…

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The Best Book Covers of 2013

We share our top ten picks for the best book covers of 2013 (displayed in no particular order).

The Story of a New Name by Elena Ferrante

(Design by W.H. Chong)

For me, this cover is at once classic but also cleverly modern. The contemporary, bold typeface placed over a black-and-white image is a simple solution but it is elegant, refined and lends well to being recreated across the trilog…

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Five Books that surprised me in 2013

by Emily Gale

I’ve written elsewhere about my favourite children’s and young adult books of 2013, a task that can feel as controversial as picking a favourite child because of the wide variety of books in our department (i.e. not impossible but liable to change on any given day). But there’s also a list of books I could categorise as ‘surprises’ – books I didn’t think I’d love, that I read out of duty but ende…

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