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Our thoughts on the The Fault in Our Stars movie

Thanks to Penguin, several of our staff members were invited to attend a special preview screening of The Fault In Our Stars film. Here, two staff chat about their reactions.

Nina: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you cry in this movie? (1 being eyes glimmering with unshed tears, ten being full-on sobbing)?

Bronte: A 7? I think I started crying about 20 minutes in. Possibly the whole cinem…

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What we’re reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Nina is reading The Girls from Corona Del Mar by Rufi Thorpe

I’m having a really great reading year. I know I’ve done a lot of raving about books in this column, but it’s all justified, I promise. Some of my favourite books are already out (We

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Why I wrote a ghost story

by Nova Weetman

When I started writing The Haunting of Lily Frost it was as a conscious decision to write something that straddled two genres. Usually I write stories that are very real-world, but with this book I wanted to write something half coming-of-age and half ghost story. The first few drafts weren’t scary at all. They were a pathetic attempt at the supernatural. Writing a ghost story is really hard, eve…

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The 2014 Miles Franklin Shortlist

The 2014 Miles Franklin shortlist has been announced! The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan

Partially inspired by his father’s time spent working on the Thai-Burma death railway during WWII Flanagan’s novel is one of savage beauty. Our reviewer says, “Like Dorrigo, we feel an immense weight of loss, but what ultimately sticks is that this, at times near unbearably, is a wholly…

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Children & young adult books highlights for May

by Emily Gale

There are a few different ways one can respond to the Budget, and there’s also a children’s book to suit them all.

1. Celebrate the good stuff.

Last year My Happy Life by Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Eriksson - an early chapter book about a child’s first year of school - was very appealing and popular and this month a sequel has been released - My Heart Is Laughing. What really makes this little …

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Interviews with our work experience students

by Olivia Walls

Over the next few weeks we’re participating in a work experience program with students from high schools across Melbourne. Here, 15-year-old work experience student Olivia Walls tells us about her favourite books. How would you describe your taste in books? Do you like romance or adventure, science fiction or history, etc?

The books I read are fantasy, romance (‘bad boy’ ‘good girl’ romances …

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Why we love Orange is the New Black

Based on Piper Kerman’s acclaimed memoir of the same name, Orange Is the New Black is a sharp, blackly-funny series set in a women’s prison. Here, our staff tell us what they think of the show. Nina says:

I adore this show. It hooked me from the pilot episode, and only got better and better as it went along.

The show’s greatest strength is its huge cast of talented women. Over the course of…

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Ask Agatha: Fun Fiction, Tear-Jerkers and Binge-Watching TV

Welcome to our new book advice column where you can ask our wise bookseller Agatha all your tricky (book-related) questions. I’m looking for a really light, fun read, but something that’s still good quality. I don’t want to be embarrassed when I’m reading it on the tram, or if someone sees it in my bookcase. (I have a lot of book anxiety, okay?) Help me please! – Self-Conscious Reader

Anyone …

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What we’re reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Amy is reading Conversations With Creative Women: Volume Two by Tess McCabe

I’m reading my way through Conversations With Creative Women: Volume Two, a gorgeous and inspiring locally published book that’s just come into Readings this week. Com…

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