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Event Highlights in April

by Chris Gordon

Events Manager Chris Gordon shares some highlights from our April program of events. Matthew Condon on crime and corruption in Queensland’s history

In Jacks and Jokers, a sequel to the explosive Three Crooked Kings, Matthew Condon provides another fascinating account of the corruption and power struggles that defined an era in Queensland’s history.This tale will shock, outrage and force you t…

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Eleanor Limprecht on listening to Gillian Welch

by Eleanor Limprecht

I grew up mocking my father’s penchant for country and bluegrass music. Why would anyone choose to listen to twangy voices singing of honkytonk angels and men done and gone? What was with the screeching fiddles, noodling guitars and high lonesome mandolins? I preferred the smooth pop melodies of Paula Abdul or the self-indulgent rage of the Beastie Boys.

Still, I listened closely on car rides, i…

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The 2014 Miles Franklin Longlist

Congratulations to the authors longlisted for the 2014 Miles Franklin Award! The longlist includes two debut novelists and two past winners, seven books from women, and is an excellent showcase of the diversity of contemporary Australian fiction with stories of romance, war, tigers in the night and a dystopian vision of Australia’s future.

See the full list of titles below:

The Life And Loves

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John A. Scott chats to David Brooks about N

by David Brooks

John A. Scott’s long-awaited novel, N, is set in a re-imagined, though frighteningly familiar, Australia. Moving between the stories of artists, soldiers, public servants and visionaries, and told in a breadth of narrative styles, N is both a love story and political thriller. Here, Scott talks with David Brooks about writing this work of epic scope and masterful intricacies.

It is wartime – 1…

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The Readings Children’s Book Prize 2014 Shortlist

We’re thrilled to announce our inaugural shortlist for The Readings Children’s Book Prize! See the eight shortlisted titles below. The winner will be announced in the July issue of the Readings Monthly. You can visit our Children’s Book Prize blog for lots more information, including videos and details on how kids can become junior reviewers! Jamie Reign: The Last Spirit Warrior by P.J. Tie…

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Adam Curley on the essays of Gay Talese

by Adam Curley

In a 2009 interview with the Paris Review, American non-fiction writer Gay Talese described his unorthodox approach to reporting for the New York Times as a young man in the 1950s and 60s: ‘I knew I did not want to be on the front page,’ he said. ‘On the front page you’re stuck with the news. The news dominates you. I wanted to dominate the story.’

It was Talese’s approach to non-fiction that ha…

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20% off vinyl this April

Saturday 19 April is Record Store Day and we’ve decided this occasion is worthy of a month-long celebration. Visit our Carlton, St Kilda or Hawthorn shops in April and you’ll receive 20% of all vinyl!

Hand-picked by our passionate music team, our vinyl collection includes old favourites alongside terrific new releases. Come on down to chat with our specialists in person and complete your ow…

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Q&A with Betty Churcher

by Chris Gordon

Our Events Manager Chris Gordon interviews Betty Churcher about Australian Notebooks.

Congratulations on your second book.

I’m so glad you enjoyed my meander through the Australian Galleries.

Your tour of these galleries is both enlightening and heart-warming; I enjoyed being in the arms of what I felt was an art-lover, artist and historian all at once. How would you describe your position i

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April Highlights

by Martin Shaw

Earlier this year I penned a ‘Most-Anticipated Books of 2014’ column, and – as is always the way – I soon came to regret my sins of omission, more recently becoming aware of other forthcoming works that belonged on my radar. One such is the new novel from John A. Scott, who, literally the day after submitting my column, wandered into our Carlton shop to tell me that his long-awaited new novel was…

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