Which naughty character from children’s literature are you?

We have a soft spot for naughty characters in children’s books, and we suspect we’re not alone.

Take our quiz to find out which naughty kidslit character you are. Grab a sheet of paper, write down the letters of your chosen answers and then tally them up before scrolling down to find out your results.


A. You have a delicious bat-ear and monster-tail brew bubbling away right now.
B. You love your food and you’re even a pretty good cook. Cakes, pancakes, pepparkakor – you name it.
C. Why? Do you have some food? What is it? Is it steak? I don’t even care but you should give it to me RIGHT NOW.
D. You wouldn’t say no to a hot dog, and in fact, you’d say plenty of the opposite.
E. You can make a mean mud stew, and you’re quite skilled at whipping up potions.
F. You may have been known to eat ALL of the trifle at a party, but just the once time.


A. Red and yellow really are your colours, and some blue bows in your hair set everything off nicely – if you do say so yourself.
B. You’re all decked out in your finery today – a giant wheel-like hat and full-length evening gown with charcoal eyebrows and a thick coating of red paint on your mouth and nails. You especially love the huge green rosettes on your shoes.
C. Your furry coat keeps you nice and warm, though you’ll take a medal if there’s one. As long as it’s gold.
D. You would very much like a driver’s cap if there happened to be one in your size.
E. A big sweeping cape over your nightgown that’s perfect for swooping out of a room.
F. Your parents are a bit old-fashioned, and dress you in cute poofy dresses and long socks. They help you appear innocent.


A. You’ve built yourself a nest in the roof of your school and it suits you just fine. You took care of the teachers by locking them in the cellar where they’re busy doing your homework.
B. You live in a lovely, little cottage together with your animals and a suitcase full of gold coins.
C. You’ve got plenty of toys in your home, and they’re ALL yours.
D. You have a very minimalistic home – pastel colours and not much furniture. You certainly WANT there to be more things though…
E. Your house is very full. There’s your family, of course, but also a million other creatures including witches, monsters and all kinds of weird creepy-crawlies scurrying around (even if no one else can see them).
F. You live with your parents and siblings who are always trying to boss you around. Luckily you’ve got a knack of obstinacy.


A. There’s this odd boy who accepts you just as you are – he seems to think you’ve got a soft side.
B. You love your horse and monkey, and you’ve been lucky to befriend two super, stand-out kids from the neighbourhood.
C. When you have friends you have to share things with them so…
D. You’re willing to be anyone’s best friend if they just would just give you everything that you want.
E. You have SO many friends. One of them is a monster and one of them is a princess. You even have a fairy godmother.
F. Your big sister looks out for you, sometimes, but she doesn’t seem to like it very much.


A. ‘Blurgh.’
B. ‘But I am the strongest girl in the world, remember that.’
C. ‘Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.’
D. ‘Your MUM said I could…’
E. ‘There is the Toilet Monster, who comes into the bathroom if you sit on the toilet for too long.’
F. ‘Nice jelly sweets…’

Now, tally up your answers. If you chose…


…mostly As

You are Horrible Harriet!

Just like Harriet, you truly are horrible – or it simply that you’re misunderstood? After all, you’re the kind of person who generously shares your breakfast leftovers with your classmates – octopus pie anyone? And you always ensure a new student’s first day is ‘memorable’ by subjecting them to plenty of fun pranks. It might be that Athol Egghead is the only person who’ll ever truly understand your horrible ways, but you are certainly a firm, loyal friend when given the chance.


…mostly Bs

You are Pippi Longstocking!

People call you Pippi Longstocking but actually, your full name is Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmind Ephraim’s Daughter Longstocking. Your seafaring father is constantly away on the high seas, so it’s fortunate that you’re practical, cheerful, independent and, reputedly, the strongest girl in the world. Some may find your manners a little lacking, or question your tall stories, but that totally misses the point of your unique and memorable charm.


…mostly Cs

You are Pig the Pug!

You’re a selfish beast at heart, and all the more lovable for your poor impulse control. You never really seem to learn your lesson, but instead go on being grumpy, rude and unreasonable – despite the world’s attempts to correct you. Never change Pig, never change…


…mostly Ds

You are The Pigeon!

You’re a cheeky rascal with a serious issue with authority and a complete inability to respect boundaries. The word ‘no’ is just a jumping-off point, and you’ll do anything to get your own way. Somehow you manage to pull it off as endearing rather than annoying. You’re almost certainly a youngest child.


…mostly Es

You are Dory Fantasmagory!

Your enormous imagination sure seems to get you into a lot of trouble – least of all when you’ve turned into a dog at the doctor’s office – but at least you’re never bored. In fact, you’re a true visionary at heart, always able to invent yourself a new way out of a problem.


…mostly Fs

You are My Naughty Little Sister!

You are strangely nameless, for an entire series of books. You’re as stubborn as a mule, do not believe in sharing, do whatever you want regardless of rules or advice, and enjoy messing up anything tidy or ordered. When you team up with your friend Bad Harry, everyone better watch out, because you are a two-kid demolition machine. Others pretend to disapprove of your bad ways, but they secretly wish they could be you. But are you really that naughty? Or are you just a normal, curious pre-schooler with loads of energy to burn? And just when it seems you are irretrievably wicked, you will do something tender and gentle to show you have a generous heart.

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The Naughtiest Children I Know

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