What we’re reading: Ward, Pollard, & Noni

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Tye Cattanch is reading The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward.

It seems everyone is talking about The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward. And rightly so. A taunt, sinister, psychological thriller that had me holding my breath and second guessing myself the entire way through, this book is nothing short of a master class in how to write gothic fiction.

I had not long finished Little Eve – an earlier (and equally as brilliant) novel by Ward and approached The Last House on Needless Street quite sceptically, believing there was simply no way her writing could get any better. Spoiler alert - IT DOES.

Ward is an absolute wizard when it comes to plot and sense of place, but her true skill is drawing empathy from the reader, for characters that logically, we know we should be appalled by and terribly frightened of. It is a rare magic indeed that can make me feel compassion for a seemingly vile fictional character, and yet, here I am. Shedding a tear, not just for the characters Ward creates, but in sheer relief the tension has been alleviated with the turning of the last page.


Clare Millar is reading Fierce Bad Rabbits by Clare Pollard.

I’ve been thinking a lot about picture books recently for something I’m writing (for fun!), and I was totally compelled to start reading Fierce Bad Rabbits by Clare Pollard.

It’s been on my shelf for a while - a gorgeous hardback. It’s totally something I would buy, but was never in a rush to read. It’s about the stories behind well-known picture books, but has a trail of memoir as well, as Pollard thinks about the home library she wants to create for her two small children.

Pollard is primarily a poet, and this is clear in her lush descriptions of stories and careful analysis of language. I’ve read a few similar books before. Although some of the content is familiar to me, Pollard has created such a cozy world. It’s a perfect read for the weather getting colder and having some nostalgia for childhood classics.


Teen Advisory Board Member Claire Heazlewood is reading The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni.

I’ve read all of Lynette Noni’s books and The Prison Healer is my new favourite!

Her cheerful style brings light to a dark premise. The plot was full of shock twists which led to my inability put it down. The only issue is that now I have to wait for the sequel!

You can also read Clare Heazlewood’s Guide to Lynette Noni here.

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