What we’re reading: Rippin, Thompson and Lippincott

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Tye Cattanach is reading Big Dog, Little Dog by Sally Rippin and illustrated by Lucinda Gifford.

Friends, can I tell you, there was no one more ecstatic that I to learn that Melbourne’s favourite children’s author was working on a picture book. About DOGS. With Lucinda Gifford. I’ll give you a moment to wipe the tears of joy from your eyes so you can keep reading this. Big Dog, Little Dog is everything one can hope for in a picture book. It has a beautiful love story, a delightful friendship, not one but TWO dogs, one of whom is little, the other, big. It is sweet, it is funny, it is beautifully illustrated. It is a bright and colourful hardcover package of endless joy. You simply MUST buy this book. And read it, every single day. It will make you feel better, about everything. I promise.

Speaking of Sally Rippin… (when does this woman sleep?) Her brand-new series, (designed specifically to teach little ones to read) School Of Monsters, has two brand new characters! Luna Boo is a delightful little ghost who is learning all about feelings with a little help from her friends and charming little monster William, who is very smart, but also, a tad nervous is learning to overcome his fears. Gloriously illustrated by the marvellous Chris Kennett, School of Monsters is a dream come true for parents, teachers, librarians and book sellers. These little books are engaging, funny and super delightful AND they make learning to read as easy as can be. How lucky are we book lovers? 3 books from a much-loved author, magically illustrated by two amazing artists all in the same month. Heavenly.


Mark Rubbo is reading Born Into This by Adam Thompson.

I’ve just read Born Into This by Adam Thompson. This is a powerful collection of stories set largely in and around Launceston. Most of the central characters are First Nations people and I found the tensions the characters experienced, reconciling living in the current moment with their sense of identity as First Nations people, really interesting. I’m looking forward to reading more of Thompson’s work – it’s powerful and engaging.

Born Into This was recently announced as a shortlist book for the Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction. Read about the shortlist here.


Teen Advisory Board member Chloe Atkinson is reading The Lucky List by Rachael Lippincott.

I recently read the young adult novel, The Lucky List by Rachael Lippincott (who also wrote Five Feet Apart).

It’s the perfect easy read for teens looking to escape to a small country town - where main character Emily’s summer before senior year isn’t going exactly to plan. That is… until Blake shows up. With the help of Emily’s Mum’s summer bucket-list, Emily and Blake may just have an invincible summer. It’s full of secrets, cliffs, sunflowers, and love, in places one doesn’t expect to find it.

Big Dog, Little Dog

Big Dog, Little Dog

Sally Rippin, Lucinda Gifford

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