What we’re reading: Cusk, Disher & Sittenfeld

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Mark Rubbo is reading Peace by Garry Disher

I’ve been reading Peace by Garry Disher which is a sequel of sorts to his award-winning 2015 novel, Bitter Wash Road. Paul Hirschhausen has been demoted to a one-cop town in country South Australia and he has been called to investigate a bizarre and vicious crime in the midst of the Christmas festivities. Disher is a master of crime and this has to be one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a while.


Rosalind McClintock is reading You Think It, I’ll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld

You may have heard that Curtis Sittenfeld is in town for the Wheeler Centre’s Broadside Festival. I have to admit that I haven’t read her work, knowingly anyway. My co-workers are aghast. ‘You’ll love her stuff,’ they all said. ‘ You Think It, I’ll Say It is SO GOOD Rosalind, you should read this collection of stories. Plus all her other books. She is awesome.’ I haven’t had a book pushed on me with such fervour from all corners for … well, ever. Delightfully a copy of You Think It, I’ll Say It appeared in my hands this morning. There is no pressure I am told, but they really ‘just can’t see how I won’t like it’.


Bronte Coates is reading A Life’s Work by Rachel Cusk

I recently read Rachel Cusk’s new essay collection, Coventry, and it prompted me to pick up one of her earlier works. First published in 2001, A Life’s Work is Cusk’s candid account of early motherhood and I’d heard that it has caused heated debate when it first entered the world due to its dark perspective. Reading it now 18 years later, I didn’t even find it particularity negative but rather, very realistic and relatable – which is either an indication of how much our attitudes towards motherhood have evolved, or an indication of my own perspective! Cusk so perfectly depicted some of my own experiences and feelings from that surreal time of early parenthood that I found myself almost shouting out loud while reading it. I really, really loved this book and have already returned it to reread passages which is a rare occurrence for me.

A Life's Work

A Life’s Work

Rachel Cusk

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