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Anna George on sleep debt in The Lone Child

by Anna George

Author Anna George reflects on how a lack of sleep informed her second novel, The Lone Child – a gripping, atmospheric story of early motherhood. We recently interviewed George over on the Readings Podcast. You can listen to our conversation with her here.

I’d never heard of a sleep debt until after I was seriously in the red – having spent months sleeping four or five hours a night. I now kn…

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Let’s hear it for the girl in crime fiction

by Megan Goldin

Crime author Megan Goldin defends the use of the word girl in crime fiction titles.

When I wrote my psychological thriller, The Girl In Kellers Way, I chose the title because it encapsulated the key themes of my story of four women whose fates are connected by a remote forest road where a series of tragedies take place. Little did I realise that by choosing a title with the word girl in it, I …

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Tackling social media in teen books

by Gabrielle Williams

Gabrielle Williams is an an acclaimed author of young adult fiction. Her new novel, My Life as a Hashtag, is a funny, heartfelt read about rage, regret and the pitfalls of life in the digital age. We recently asked Williams how she approached social media when writing for teenagers. Here is her response.

When I was at school, my friend’s boyfriend broke up with her via toilet paper. I imagine…

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Heavy feelings, queer friendship and making comics

by Alice Chipkin & Jessica Tavassoli

Alice Chipkin and Jessica Tavassoli (or Tava) share the story behind their debut graphic memoir, Eyes Too Dry, which explores heavy feelings, queer friendship and the therapeutic possibilities of making comics.

Holding this book in its fully formed and thumbable state feels surreal. Mainly because this project started as a way for us to work through and reflect on 2015, a difficult period of t…

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Zoë Morrison on music and language in her debut novel

by Zoë Morrison

We’re delighted to be hosting an event next week with Zoë Morrison – a talented new voice in Australian fiction. Morrison will discuss her debut novel, Music and Freedom, with author Alice Pung. Find more details and booking information here. In the lead-up to this event, we asked Morrison what role she saw the language of music as playing in her story. Here’s her response.

I started playing …

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The story behind BOLD

by David Hardy

David Hardy is the editor of BOLD: Stories from older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people, a new anthology from Melbourne not-for-profit book publisher, The Rag and Bone Man Press. Here, Hardy tells us about the process of making the book, and why it matters.

BOLD is a collection of stories from more than 60 older lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) peo…

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The story of my book

by Charlotte Wood

Charlotte Wood is the author of The Natural Way of Things. Here she tells us the story behind her novel.

The very first glimmer of the story came to me in an ABC Radio National documentary about the Hay Institution for Girls, a brutal prison in rural NSW, where ten teenage girls were drugged and taken from the Parramatta Girls’ Home in the 1960s. At this place, which operated in extreme cruelt…

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Sarah Holland-Batt on how travel energises her poetry

by Sarah Holland-Batt

Poetry collections are most often gatherings of miscellanea, assemblages of thoughts and ideas and arguments curated over a period of years, textual cabinets of curiosities. This makes it difficult to think of the poetry collection as a fully unified animal – straddling, as it does, different times and places, the different selves who wrote the poems, those who were in love and those who had fall…

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Cook your way through Rush Oh!

by Shirley Barrett

We’re thrilled to be hosting a free event with Shirley Barrett (filmmaker and now author) this Friday 4 September. Barrett will be in conversation with critic Rebecca Harkins-Cross. Find out more here. Here, Barrett shares some recipes and housekeeping tips which are referenced in her debut novel, Rush Oh!.

One of the pleasures of writing domestic fiction in a historical setting is the opport…

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Sasha Grishin on the works of ST Gill

by Sasha Grishin

ST Gill & His Audiences is the first major comprehensive book to be devoted to this major Australian artist. Author Sasha Grishin tells us of his own experiences with Gill’s works and life, and why he was inspired to write this book. The book is published to coincide with an exhibition currently on at State Library Victoria: Australian sketchbook: Colonial life and the art of ST Gill. Once Austr…

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