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AFL: Australian Football…Literature!

by Emily Gale

Fox Swift, a new novel for primary school-aged children about a young footy star, has just been released. Author David Lawrence gives us the lowdown on real-life footy star Cyril Rioli’s involvement in the book, and we recap on some other AFL-related books for kids.

Last year I could write on the back of a stamp what I knew about AFL. This year I’m still pretty clueless but there are two new d…

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The Story Of Our Album: I Wanna Be A Mermaid

by Coco's Lunch

Melbourne vocal & percussion quintet Coco’s Lunch give us a glimpse into the making of their recent children’s album, *I Wanna Be A Mermaid*

Our musical journey began a few years ago when we were approached by the Victorian Arts Centre and asked to be involved in a new festival for children called Chookas. They invited Coco’s Lunch to compose new songs and an interactive show for children…

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The Way We Work: Garth Nix and Sean Williams

Fresh from his appearance at Melbourne Reading Matters conference, Garth Nix joins his co-author on the Troubletwisters series, Sean Williams, for a piece on their working relationship.

One of the great things about collaborating is breaking up what can sometimes seem an insurmountable task (i.e. writing a novel) into manageable chunks and then divvying up those chunks so no one person ha…

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Reading Matters at SLV: Round-Up

by Emily Gale

From Thursday 30th May to Saturday 1st June, Melbourne’s children’s and YA book fanatics are going to be in Seventh Heaven – and by that I mean The State Library of Victoria. Find out what Readings' specialist team are most looking forward to on the Reading Matters program.

Angela Crocombe, Children’s and YA Specialist at the St Kilda store:

Alison Croggon totally blew me away with Black

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Essential Picture Books (Part 3)

by Emily Gale

A double-mention for Judith Kerr as the children’s specialists return with 10 more picture books they voted as must-haves after a brainstorm last year. We hope you enjoy using it as a go-to list, or perhaps to jog some happy memories.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr (1968)

A slice of 1960s domestic life in this elegantly told tale of a tiger with a voracious appetite and no table-m…

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The Story of My Book: Song For A Scarlet Runner

by Julie Hunt

Tasmanian author Julie Hunt builds a vivid world and treats us to a brave and believable female hero in her fantastic adventure story. Here she tells us where those ideas came from.

Song for a Scarlet Runner is my first novel. Folk tales were a source of inspiration and the main character is a storyteller. I once went to a storytelling workshop and heard how it is important to ‘close’ sto…

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Code Cracking with HJ Harper

by Holly Harper

To celebrate the release of Book 2 in the popular Bureau of Mysteries series for 8-12 year olds, we asked HJ Harper to share one of her favourite secret codes.

When I was in year five, I got caught passing notes in class.

I’d sent a note to my friend, telling her the time and location of the next meeting of our top secret detective club. I knew that if our teacher read it, our cover wou…

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The Story of My Book: Samantha-Ellen Bound on What The Raven Saw

by Samantha-Ellen Bound

A love of children’s classics and a chance meeting with an imperious bird inspired this gorgeous novel for ages 10 and up.

What the Raven Saw was an unexpected book; it came out of nowhere, shoving aside all the ideas I’d been carrying around for ages, and forming itself into this weird and wonderful little manuscript with a vain, demanding raven at the centre.

It began as a major assess…

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Essential Picture Books (Part 2)

by Emily Gale

The children’s specialists across all Readings stores have been working on a Top 40 Essential Picture Books list. Back in December we published Part 1, consisting of 10 books (click here to see those). Part 2 contains the next 10 we regularly champion in-store.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson

Most children hit a patch of separation anxiety at some point and this book cleverl…

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The Story of My Book: Sally Rippin on Our Australian Girl, Meet Lina

by Sally Rippin

There is an imaginary laneway off Rathdowne Street, probably not far from the Readings Carlton store, where, fifty-seven years ago, Lina Gattuso would have played cricket with her brothers. When it began to get dark, the four of them would have stashed the old plank of wood they used as a cricket bat behind the dented garbage bin they used as stumps. Their precious ball, a faded red six-stitcher,…

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