Our top 10 bestsellers of the week

  1. Bedtime Story by Chloe Hooper

  2. Dropbear by Evelyn Araluen

  3. Yiayia Next Door by Daniel Mancuso and Luke Mancuso

  4. The Murder Rule by Dervla McTiernan

  5. Sunbathing by Isobel Beech

  6. Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

  7. Wake by Shelley Burr

  8. Then There Was Her by Sophie Cachia

  9. The Palace Papers by Tina Brown

  10. Abomination by Ashley Goldberg.

Our best-seller from the past week is part memoir, part manual from the ever-remarkable Chloe Hooper (The Tall Man, The Arsonist). In Bedtime Story, Hooper grapples with the impossible question of what to do and how to cope when a partner is diagnosed with a fatal illness; looking to children’s literature for solace and signposts, this is an incredibly unique work. Read our review here.

Other books making an appearance on our bestseller list this week include the recently announced 2022 Stella Prize-winner, a collaborative cookbook of homely recipes to delve into this Autumn (see the results of our recent Yiayia Next Door cook-off here), and the local debut that everyone is talking about, Sunbathing – this one is perfect for those looking to read their way to warmer shores.

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Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story

Chloe Hooper

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