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Who’s hungry? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite cookbooks to tickle the tastebuds.


Warndu Mai (Good Food): Introducing native Australian ingredients to your kitchen by Rebecca Sullivan and Damien Coulthard

This gorgeous illustrated, informative and contemporary cookbook and compendium of native foods will show you how to create truly Australian food and drinks at home using ingredients such as Kakadu plum, finger lime and pepperberry to create unique dishes and treats – from wattleseed brownies to kangaroo carpaccio. It’s a joy to see a cookbook that showcases and celebrates native Australian ingredients. Beautifully illustrated and accessible to use for any cook, no matter the skill level, Warndu Mai is a must-have for every kitchen.


There’s a Vegan in the House: Fresh, Flexible Food to Keep Everyone Happy

Veganism tends to get a bad rap – or at least, tofu does. But There’s a Vegan in the House is packed with over 100 varied, delicious recipes that will appeal to adults and children alike, using grains, pulses and other healthy meat- and dairy-free alternatives as the base ingredient. This is everyday food for everyone, with nutritionally balanced vegan meals and flexible options, and absolutely packed with flavour.


The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook by Heather Thomas

Fresh vegetables are an integral part of Greek cuisine, and The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook showcases an array of delicious meatless breakfasts, soups, salads, vegetables, grains, and desserts. A beautifully appointed recipe book, The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook draws inspiration from all over Greece, simplifying this hugely popular cuisine with easily achievable, nourishing recipes so satisfying and tasty that they appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.


California: Living + Eating: Recipes Inspired by the Golden State by Eleanor Maidment

California: Living + Eating: Recipes Inspired by the Golden State is a glorious celebration of Californian food, looking at its history and origins and journeying through the state’s varied landscape, from Sonoma’s rolling vineyards to the foodie hotspots of Los Angeles. The eighty-plus recipes are designed to be accessible to all home cooks, with a focus on seasonality and good-quality produce.


Dining In by Alison Roman

The recipes in Dining In have one thing in common: they make even the most oven-phobic or restaurant-crazed person want to stay home and cook. Casual doesn’t have to mean boring, simple doesn’t have to be uninspired, and more steps or ingredients don’t always translate to a better plate of food. This is the perfect recipe book for beginners, those who are time-poor, or those who are looking to expand their knowledge in the kitchen. With Alison Roman, dining in brings you just as much joy as eating out.


Breakfast: The Cookbook by Emily Elyse Miller and Reem Kassis

Breakfast is the most important – and comforting – time of day for billions of people everywhere. This is a beautiful collection of hundreds of home-cooking recipes celebrating the morning meal as it is had in homes all over the world. With helpful, fascinating sidenotes providing cultural insight and context, Breakfast: The Cookbook sheds new light on how one of our favourite meals of the day is enjoyed worldwide.


Good Food: Favourite Recipes by Ardyn Bernoth

Good Food editor Ardyn Bernoth shares over 100 of her favourite recipes, gleaned from the outstanding professional cooks she charges every week to bring us recipes for the seasonal food they are passionate about. Here are inspiring, delicious, easy weeknight dishes to make your guests gasp from famous chefs such as Adam Liaw, Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong and Helen Goh. The recipes have been clearly labelled for those looking for gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options and every recipe has an accompanying photograph.


Completely Perfect: 120 Essential Recipes for Every Cook by Felicity Cloake

How can I make deliciously squidgy chocolate brownies? Is there a fool-proof way to poach an egg? Does washing mushrooms really spoil them? What’s the secret of perfect pastry? Could a glass of milk turn a good bolognese into a great one? Based on Felicity Cloake’s popular Guardian columns; Completely Perfect is a collection of recipes from the greats – Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith, and more – rigorously tried and tested by Cloake to create the perfect version of classic dishes. Never again will you have to rifle through countless different books to find your perfect roast chicken recipe, mayonnaise method or that incredible tomato sauce – it’s all here in this book.


The Recipe: The World’s Finest Chefs and the Essential Classic Recipes for Anyone Who Loves to Cook by Josh Emett

Michelin-starred chef Josh Emett (best known for opening Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at the London Hotel in New York) brings together 300 of the most important classic recipes by 150 of the world’s most acclaimed chefs. Each recipe has been tested by Emett in his home kitchen, and he includes guidance and advice for the home cook – discussing complexity, preparation, key elements, complements for planning a larger menu, and tips of the trade. With its specially commissioned photography, this book is a beautiful designer piece – you almost don’t want to risk getting cooking stains on it.


Whole: Down-to-earth Plant-based Wholefood Recipes by Harriet Birrell

From nourishing brekkies, salads and bowls to wholesome main dishes and divine desserts, Whole contains more than one hundred plant-based wholefood recipes for friends and family, striking the perfect balance between whole, simple, satisfying and tasty. Author Harriet Birrell’s enviable beachside lifestyle is perfectly captured in Whole, as is her philosophy of celebrating and enjoying the abundance of wholefood available and preparing it in a way that is easy and tasty.

Completely Perfect: 120 Essential Recipes for Every Cook

Completely Perfect: 120 Essential Recipes for Every Cook

Felicity Cloake

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