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Q & A: Vikas Swarup

Reviewed by Kabita Dhara, Readings Carlton

Ram Mohammad Thomas is a poor, uneducated orphan from Mumbai who just happens to win a billion rupees on a quiz show. What follows is his arrest by the police and an inquiry into how someone like him…

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The Proposition Soundtrack: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Reviewed by Mark Luffman, Readings Malvern

Bob’s Pat Garret and Billy The Kid is not so glib a reference here. Like Dylan’s soundtrack, The Proposition on its own is an elegiac skeletal beautiful thing that leaves the dread violence to the sc…

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Shootenanny: Eels

Reviewed by Phil Richards, Readings Carlton

Since discovering Mark Oliver Everett/the Eels via The Panel. I have become a huge fan. Shootenanny, like the previous four albums, again delivers a set of songs that deal with a desire to find happi…

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Alice Through The Looking Glass: Lewis Caroll, Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Reviewed by Jo Case, editor of Readings Monthly

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less.’ Every word in this classic sequel is put to excellent use, taking…

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Antics: Interpol

Reviewed by Richard Mohr, Readings Port Melbourne

An electrifying sophomore effort from NY’s second favourite sharp-dressed New Wavers, Antics is an intense, brooding effort. There’s a bit more space in the arrangements and Paul Banks’ vocals are mo…

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Somersault Soundtrack: Decoder Ring

Reviewed by Jasmin Urquhart, Readings Hawthorn

Haunting and gentle this album drifts along seamlessly from track to track. It’s not hard to reason why such a band as Decoder Ring was chosen to take on this soundtrack, as their musical style refle…

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Somersault: Cate Shortland

Reviewed by Naz Nasir, Readings Carlton

Short film-maker Cate Shortland’s first feature, Somersault, heralds a promising future ¾ not just for her as an emerging filmmaker but also for Australian films. Somersault takes viewers on a visual…

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Wave of Mutilation: Best of the Pixies by The Pixies

Reviewed by Mark Luffman, Readings Malvern

“Someday all rock will sound this way”

It’s startling listening to this chronologically-organised collection just how ready-formed the Pixies were when they first flopped from the mind of Black Fr

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Acoustic Soul: India Arie

Reviewed by Alice Bisits, Readings Malvern

A bag full of awards and nominations have been collected by this soulful lady in the last few months. This is rootsy R&B, with plenty of soul…. think Lauryn Hill/Angie Stone/Erikah Badu. Contemporar…

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