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I Peed on Fellini: David Stratton

Reviewed by Vicky Booth, Program Administrator of CAE Book Groups

David Stratton’s memoir (surely a strong contender for title of the year) is aptly subtitled ‘Recollections of a Life in Film’. It charts his journey from film-mad British schoolboy to eminent Austra…

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The OK Team: Nick Place

Reviewed by Athina Clarke, Readings Port Melbourne

Imagine your body fades in and out and ultimately dissolves so you fall through walls. Imagine you can fly (uncontrollably) but crash into buildings. Imagine you can set alight your index finger. Mem…

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Births Deaths Marriages by Georgia Blain

Reviewed by Sally Keighery, Program Coordinator of CAE Book Groups

As the daughter of well known media personality Anne Deveson, Georgia Blain once longed to be part of the ‘mythical normal family’. Looping back and forth to the present day, she revisits her past wi…

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The Little Red Fish: Taeeun Yoo

Reviewed by Kathy Kozlowski, Readings Carlton

This glowing red cloth-covered book is a delight to hold, even before opening the pages. Told through intriguing sepia etchings, with touches of hand-coloured detail, it is the story of a small boy’s…

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Princesses and Pornstars: Emily Maguire

Reviewed by Chris Gordon, Readings Events Coordinator

This is not a new concept. Writing about feminism and women’s place in our society and where it has gone wrong has been done so many times before. Remonstrant in some ways of the great The Female Eun

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Mr Love and Justice: Billy Bragg

Reviewed by Dave Clarke

Having just turned 50, Mr Bragg finally returns with his new album, Mr Love and Justice. Only his ninth studio album in a career spanning 25 years, he has been particularly quiet since he became a fa…

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19: Adele

Reviewed by Morgana Keating, Readings Hawthorn

Introducing Adele, the latest singing sensation from London. Blessed with a rich smoky voice, this young singer is set to be The Next Big Thing, post Amy Winehouse. The Winehouse comparison is unfort…

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Audrey of the Outback: Christine Harris

Reviewed by Kathy Kozlowski, Readings Carlton

The opening scene sets the tone for this satisfying story set in the outback in the 1920s. Audrey pulls back the hessian curtains, glad her parents can’t afford glass, and leans out to whisper to Stu…

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The Landscape of Desire: Kevin Rabalais

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo, Managing Director of Readings

New writer Kevin Rabalais uses the ill fated Burke and Wills expedition to craft a magical tale of love and longing. Against the back drop of their disastrous journey, Burke and Wills share their inf…

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Gang Leader for a Day: Sudhir Venkatesh

Reviewed by Jo Case, editor of Readings Monthly

This is a pretty amazing book. Sudhir Venkatesh moved from suburban Southern California to Chicago to study sociology. There, he began to explore the poor neighbourhoods surrounding the university (d…

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