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The Female Thing

Reviewed by Chris Gordon

Laura Kipnis is not afraid of telling you what it is like to be a woman. In fact all of her books concentrate on the dilemmas of being a feminist in western modern times. Her latest book, The Female

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Night Falls Over Kortedala

Reviewed by Andrew Cornish

Oh Jens, you unrepentant romantic you! My favourite Swedish crooner is back, falling in love with a new girl every song. Night Falls Over Kortadela is an excellent rebound after his somewhat disappoi…

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The Emergence of Memory

Reviewed by Martin Shaw

Long-time readers of this august publication will know that in the mid-nineties I was already raving about W.G. Sebald (The Emigrants, The Rings of Saturn, Vertigo), for I already had the feeling the…

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Chicken Dance

Reviewed by Anisija Gillian

Kids’ review

Don Fred Schmidt loves chickens. Since he asked his Mum if he could look after their chickens Don has been to a chicken-judging contest, won first place and got a blue ribbon. Don had …

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Songs of Mass Destruction

Reviewed by Alice Bisits

Some may think four years between albums is way too long, but Annie Lennox has never been one to rush things. Putting family first, she has taken her time to compose all of the 11 tracks with incredi…

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Live from the Artist’s Den

Reviewed by Dave Clarke

From the time I first heard Patty Griffin’s debut album Living with Ghosts in 1996, I have been enraptured with her. I was working at her record company and it seemed that myself and two friends were…

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Verdi: La Traviata

Reviewed by Phil Richards

Missing from the catalogue for a while, it’s very nice to have this version around again. Contrubas is very moving as Violetta and Domingo is all grace in his duets with Violetta. Kleiber’s strong an…

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Boccherini: Guitar Quintets 4, 7 & 9

Reviewed by Phil Richards

This recording from 1971 has long been one of my favourites. Narciso Yepes is at the top of his game in this lively performance and he gets great support from the Melos Quartet. Also listen for Lucer…

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The Elephanta Suite

Reviewed by Leanne Hall

The Elephanta Suite delivers three loosely-related stories of Americans travelling and living in India. In ‘Monkey Hill’ a long-married couple, Audie and Beth Blunden, grow apart while holidaying in …

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What the Dickens

Reviewed by Kathy Kozlowski

This highly inventive novel is really two stories in one. Three children and their older cousin are trapped at home in a violent storm when electricity, food and communications are almost non-existen…

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