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Vagabonds: Gary Louris

Reviewed by Lou Fulco, Readings Port Melbourne

As songwriter/singer/guitarist with alt-country band The Jayhawks, Louris took them from their country beginnings with collaborator Mark Olsen to the more pop influenced later albums of their 20-year…

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Death: Grand Salvo

Reviewed by Eliana Schoulal, Readings Carlton

Death is the story of a bird, a bear, a rat, a rabbit and a man, beautifully spun by Melbourne’s Grand Salvo. The album is magical, reminiscent of childhood stories narrated on cassette tapes; an ind…

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A Book Like This: Angus and Julia Stone

Reviewed by Dave Clarke, Readings Carlton

Brother and sister duo Angus & Julia Stone have been quietly making waves over the last 12 months or so with two very good EPs. And now their debut album, A Book Like This arrives. With it comes a fa…

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I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too: Martha Wainwright

Reviewed by Emily Harms, Readings Marketing Manager

Martha Wainwright stepped out from the shadow of her famous family members in 2005 with her raw self-titled debut album. Over 200 fans enjoyed one of our best in store events with Martha later that y…

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Asking For Flowers: Kathleen Edwards

Reviewed by Lou Fulco, Readings Port Melbourne

It’s appropriate that this album begins with only Edwards’s vocals. Sparse, earthy and familiar. Like her two brilliant earlier albums she uses her vocals and intelligent lyrics to create both lush a…

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Breath by Tim Winton

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo

2008 has been a bumper year for Australian fiction so far, with novels out by Peter Carey, Helen Garner, Joan London and Luke Davies – and there are prospects for more with new works by Christos Tsio…

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The Hungry Girls’ Cookbook Volume 2

Reviewed by Chris Gordon, Readings Events Coordinator

I’m feeling hungry and my girl friends are coming for dinner.

I need wine and I need comfort food. I open the second edition of The Hungry Girls’ Cookbook – marvel as to why I didn’t think of cre…

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The After Life: Kathleen Stewart

Reviewed by Jo Case, editor of Readings Monthly

A confession: I have been a fan of Kathleen Stewart since her first novel 15 years ago. Her writing is spare and beautiful, both lush and tightly controlled. And her stories often have the element of…

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Secrets: Beatriz Martin Vidal

Reviewed by Alexa Dretzke, Readings Hawthorn

This exquisite picture book explores the mysterious magic of birds and how children need the space and encouragement to dream, wonder and explore so that one day they too can fly. The beautiful penci…

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Triskellion: Will Peterson & Peter Cocks

Reviewed by Julia Jackson, Readings Carlton

Our heroes of this intriguing book are Rachel and Alex, whose lives have been turned upside down with the divorce of their parents. They are packed off to visit their Grandma in a sleepy little villa…

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