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Live from the Artist’s Den

Reviewed by Dave Clarke

From the time I first heard Patty Griffin’s debut album Living with Ghosts in 1996, I have been enraptured with her. I was working at her record company and it seemed that myself and two friends were…

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Reviewed by Sid Grane

Long regarded as Australia’s pre-eminent female soul and R&B singer, Geyer returns with another fine album to showcase her great voice. She has chosen some excellent songs too: ‘Why Can’t We Live Tog…

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The Memory Room

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo

Former diplomat, Derek Bradley, returns to his memories when he visits the old home of his friend Vincent Austin. Vincent has stored his highly detailed diaries there and instructed his aunt to give …

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The Street of a Thousand Blossoms

Reviewed by Samarra Hyde

It’s 1939 and two orphaned brothers are living with their grandparents in Tokyo. One is obsessed with sumo wrestling and the other with creating hand carved masks for the Noh theatre. The boys both b…

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What the Dickens

Reviewed by Kathy Kozlowski

This highly inventive novel is really two stories in one. Three children and their older cousin are trapped at home in a violent storm when electricity, food and communications are almost non-existen…

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Reviewed by Lou Fulco

Not many artists so easily conjure up images of times past. John Fogerty is one such voice. Familiar, still tapping into our consciousness with messages relecant to today’s world. At times the lyrics…

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The President’s Last Love

Reviewed by Huw Murdoch

Sergei Pavlovich Bunin, a Ukranian, lives in the futuristic world of 2015 – and is president of the Ukranian Republic. Some weird things are going on in his life: his heart transplant is causing odd …

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Beethoven: Piano Concertos 3 & 4

Reviewed by Phil Richards

This recording from the latter part of the 1970s remains strikingly fresh and Pollini’s reading of both concertos, particularly the third, is inspired. Karl Boehm’s faithful accompaniment only adds t…

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Boccherini: Guitar Quintets 4, 7 & 9

Reviewed by Phil Richards

This recording from 1971 has long been one of my favourites. Narciso Yepes is at the top of his game in this lively performance and he gets great support from the Melos Quartet. Also listen for Lucer…

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Reviewed by Michael Awosoga-Samuel

Zugzwang is the first novel from Irish writer Ronan Bennett since 2004’s Havoc in its Third Year. I remember meeting him in London for the launch of his 1998 book Catastrophist; he is a really nice p…

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