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Now You See Him: Eli Gottleib

Reviewed by Jo Case, editor of Readings Monthly

With a glowing endorsement from Ann Patchett and word of mouth spreading in the blogosphere and the publishing industry, Now You See Him is poised to be the next sleeper hit of the literary world. (O…

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A Partisan’s Daughter: Louis de Bernieres

Reviewed by Samarra Hyde, Program Manager of CAE Book Groups

A Partisan’s Daughter is the new novel from the bestselling and acclaimed author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Birds without Wings. Set in London during the Winter of Discontent, it explores the …

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Age of Shiva: Manil Suri

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo, Managing Director of Readings

Seven years after independence, after partition, India still struggles with the aftermath. India is to be a modern, secular society throwing off the shackles of superstition. Meera is the product of …

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Sorrows of an American: Siri Hustvedt

Reviewed by Danielle Mirabella, Books Buyer at Readings Hawthorn

After Siri Hustvedt’s stunning and critically successful novel What I Loved (2003), it was with great anticipation that I read her new novel, Sorrows of an American. Once again, Hustvedt has delivere…

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A Fraction of the Whole: Steve Toltz

Reviewed by Judith Loriente, Readings Hawthorn

My goodness, where to begin? How to define a mammoth work of comic genius that’s both an ambling, philosophical journey, and an intricate detective story that pieces together the tale of one very dys…

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I Peed on Fellini: David Stratton

Reviewed by Vicky Booth, Program Administrator of CAE Book Groups

David Stratton’s memoir (surely a strong contender for title of the year) is aptly subtitled ‘Recollections of a Life in Film’. It charts his journey from film-mad British schoolboy to eminent Austra…

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The OK Team: Nick Place

Reviewed by Athina Clarke, Readings Port Melbourne

Imagine your body fades in and out and ultimately dissolves so you fall through walls. Imagine you can fly (uncontrollably) but crash into buildings. Imagine you can set alight your index finger. Mem…

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Births Deaths Marriages by Georgia Blain

Reviewed by Sally Keighery, Program Coordinator of CAE Book Groups

As the daughter of well known media personality Anne Deveson, Georgia Blain once longed to be part of the ‘mythical normal family’. Looping back and forth to the present day, she revisits her past wi…

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Princesses and Pornstars: Emily Maguire

Reviewed by Chris Gordon, Readings Events Coordinator

This is not a new concept. Writing about feminism and women’s place in our society and where it has gone wrong has been done so many times before. Remonstrant in some ways of the great The Female Eun

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The Little Red Fish: Taeeun Yoo

Reviewed by Kathy Kozlowski, Readings Carlton

This glowing red cloth-covered book is a delight to hold, even before opening the pages. Told through intriguing sepia etchings, with touches of hand-coloured detail, it is the story of a small boy’s…

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