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The Dog on the Tuckerbox: Corinne Fenton & Peter Gouldthorpe

Reviewed by Bruno Moro, Readings Malvern

I must admit that, despite having lived in this country for a very long time, I’ve never encountered the legend that is the dog on the tuckerbox. Yet it did not surprise me that, like many Australian…

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The Pencil: Allan Ahlberg & Bruce Ingman

Reviewed by Athina Clarke, Readings Port Melbourne

What does a little pencil do if it’s lonely? It draws a picture book of course! Our lonely little pencil draws a picture of a boy, a dog, a cat and a paintbrush to colour in their adventures. But wha…

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Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You: Peter Cameron

Reviewed by Kathy Kozlowski, Readings Carlton

It is the ‘voice’ that gives this novel its power. James is a loner, intelligent, privileged, articulate, and completely lost. His sudden refusal to do the expected thing and go to college causes his…

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Invisible City: The Joshua Files: Maria Harris

Reviewed by Holly Harper, Readings Malvern

From the fluorescent orange plastic cover to the nail-biting final page, everything about this book made me think, ‘Wow!’ Joshua Garcia has had it pretty tough since his dad died, but things get even…

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SmartyCat: Jeannette Rowe & Louise Park

Reviewed by Kathy Kozlowski, Readings Carlton

These cheerful little books aimed at preschoolers set out, as the series subtitle suggests, to give simple answers to the tricky questions young children ask.

The first six cover such topics as Rai

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The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow: Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton

Reviewed by Felix Wilkins, Grade Three, Kingsville Primary School.

I like this book because it reminds me of Dr. Seuss books, except with a funny twist. The first chapter, ‘Big Fat Cows’, is a bit weird because it is describing different cows: for example: ‘cows und…

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The Rules of Cool: Mac Slater: Coolhunter: Tristan Bancks

Reviewed by Alexa Dretzke, Readings Hawthorn

Well that was crazy fun, that was cool, but guess what Mac isn’t cool, he’s a dorky inventor of a boy who wears his school uniform on weekends, because sometimes that’s all he has to wear, but hey, …

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The Case of the Diamond Shadow: Sophie Masson

Reviewed by Callie Martin, Readings St Kilda

WANTED: Readers who love glamour, intrigue, romance and mystery.
FOR: A story set in 1930s London with two young wannabes, Daisy and George, who find themselves involved in the decade’s biggest jewel …

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The Felice Brothers: The Felice Brothers

Reviewed by Lou Fulco, Readings Port Melbourne

Not since The Band has a band so completely risen out of the earth and truly captured the history of its nation. Of stagecoaches and guns, of settlers and explorers, cities rising and different cultu…

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The Tall Man: Chloe Hooper

Reviewed by Jo Case, editor of Readings Monthly

The pre-publication hype about this book is intense. It’s the first in a two-book deal rumoured to have paid $300,000; her first book since her debut novel A Child’s Book of True Crime made her a wor…

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