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The Hakawati: Rabih Alameddine

Reviewed by Sanchia Hovey, Readings St Kilda

I loved this book and could not put it down, which made for a very tricky week as I have a six-month-old who also didn’t want to be put down. It’s amazing how much reading you can get done jiggling o…

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The Collector Of Worlds: Ilya Troyanov

Reviewed by Maloti Ray, freelance reviewer

Sir Richard Francis Burton – explorer, writer, soldier, diplomat – is acclaimed for his vivid translation of two masterpieces; from Arabic, One Thousand Nights and A Night and from Sanskrit, The Kama

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In The Dark: Mark Billingham

Reviewed by Judith Loriente, Readings Hawthorn

In London, Helen Weeks, a pregnant police officer, loses her child’s father, Paul Hopwood, in what appears to be a random accident. Knocked down and killed by a car that had had a gun fired at it in …

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Lamarck’s Evolution: Ross Honeywill

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo, Managing Director of Readings

Australian scientist Ted Steele chanced on nineteenth-century French scientist, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, on a long plane flight in 1978. Reading Arthur Koestler’s Janus, he was particularly struck by t…

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America America: Ethan Canin

Reviewed by Russ Radcliffe, High Horse Books Publishing

Ethan Canin has published several short story collections and some promising novels including the very fine Carry Me Across the Water, but he has moved up several notches with America America.

The …

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The Atlas Of Impossible Longing: Anuradha Roy

Reviewed by Kabita Dhara, Readings Carlton

Anuradha Roy is best known in book circles as a publisher at Permanent Black, a small Indian publishing imprint that was set up by Roy and her husband after their controversial departures from Oxford…

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Dissection: Jacinta Halloran

Reviewed by Jo Case, editor of Readings Monthly

Melbourne GP Dr Anna McBride is suffering under the weight of a three-year-old malpractice suit. Her carefully constructed life is disintegrating, both personally and professionally. The tone of the …

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I Dream Of Magda: Stefan Laszczuk

Reviewed by Sally Keighery, Program Coordinator of CAE Book Groups

Last year’s Vogel winner reminds us that breaking up is hard to do. Left by their respective girlfriends, the Harrison brothers lead a shambolic existence, numb with grief. Matthew retreats into an i…

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The Gone-Away World: Nick Harkaway

Reviewed by Harry Doorn, Readings Malvern

What can I say? This novel (by none other than John Le Carre’s son) is already my favourite of the year, and the best debut I have read in many years. Its 500-plus pages offer so many riches I cannot…

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Her Father’s Daughter: John Clanchy

Reviewed by Annie Condon, freelance reviewer

After reading this collection, I’m regretful that I haven’t read Canberra-based John Clanchy’s stories before, and I’ll be steadily making my way through his backlist. Having a themed collection mean…

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