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The Sleepers Almanac: No. 4

Reviewed by Martin Shaw, Book Buyer for Readings Carlton

The Sleepers Almanac is the fourth such anthology of new short fiction from those young publishing dynamos Zoe Dattner and Louise Swinn. And first up - how beautiful an object is it! Dattner tells us…

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Beijing Confidential: Jan Wong

Reviewed by Michael Awasoga-Samuel, Readings Carlton

Jan Wong, a Canadian foreign correspondent, not only lived in Beijing at the height of the Cultural Revolution as a young Maoist (she studied at the Beijing University), but she was also a foreign c…

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Bleeding Kansas

Reviewed by Judith Loriente, Readings Hawthorn

Taking a break from her V.I. Warshawski novels, Sara Paretsky has written a novel dealing with contemporary issues, and their effect upon the lives of ordinary Americans in present-day Kansas. The wo…

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Garden Of Evil

Reviewed by Sharon Nebel, Readings HawthornSharon Nebel, Readings Hawthorn

A beautiful art expert from the Louvre is found dead in an art studio hidden in the lanes and alleys of Rome. Beside her, an ageing pickpocket is also dead, both of them in front of an unknown Carava…

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Addition: Toni Jordan

Reviewed by Chris Gordon, Readings Events Coordinator

We all have our quirks and view of the world that can lead us into trouble, or out. Here, Toni Jordan, first-time local author, has used a romantic framework to explain a particular affliction of the…

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A Quiet Flame by Philip Kerr

Reviewed by Judith Loriente, Readings Hawthorn

I must admit to being completely partial on the subject of Philip Kerr’s books; I thought his The One From The Other (Quercus, 2006) was one of the best crime books I’d ever read, up there with The H

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People Of The Book: Geraldine Brooks

Reviewed by Sally Madsen, Carlton Readings

Pulitzer prize winning Australian author Geraldine Brooks (March, Year of Wonders) has written another cracker of a book. The central artefact of the book is the so-called Sarajevo Haggadah, a 500-ye…

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Cat Power - Jukebox

Reviewed by Esther Van Doornum, Readings Carlton

À la The Covers Album of 2000, Jukebox covers tracks by musical legends such as Nina Simone and James Brown. This is the first album Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, has made with her band the Dirty Del…

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The Anatomist

Reviewed by Maloti Ray, freelance reviewer

The anatomy textbook written by Henry Gray, with stunning engravings by Henry Vandyke Carter, was first published in 1858. Never since out of print, now in its 37th edition, available in a dozen-plus…

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His Illegal Self: Peter Carey

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo, Managing Director of Readings

Seven-year-old Che lives with his wealthy grandmother in upstate New York. It’s the late sixties and Che’s mother and father are members of a radical wing of Students for a Democratic Society, fugiti…

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