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Rose For The Anzac Boys: Jackie French

Reviewed by Bruno Moro, Readings Malvern

We are in World War I and 16-year-old Midge Macpherson is in a conservative ‘finishing school’ in England. As the war rages in the trenches, she feels increasingly helpless and useless. With two brot…

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Plaster and Paint: Jan Harper

Reviewed by Sally Madsen, Carlton Readings

This is a lovely and unusual book: the ‘twin’ biography of John Colquhoun, orthopaedic surgeon (1899 – 1974) and Joyce McGrath (his patient) Arts Librarian at the State Library of Victoria, and portr…

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Music Hole: Camille

Reviewed by Sid Grane, Readings Hawthorn

Camille’s third studio album, Music Hole, shows a key turn in her career: it is mostly sung in English. ‘In Music Hole, I tried to mix the storytelling, ‘chansons’ feel from musicals with something m…

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Nyuntu Ninti: Bob Randall & Melanie Hogan

Reviewed by Kathy Kozlowski, Readings Carlton

Based on the award-winning documentary Kanyini, this quite stunning book is a sort of photographic prose poem about ‘the ancient and spiritual culture that is the very heart and soul of Australia’ (t…

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January: Marcin Wasilewski Trio

Reviewed by Michael Wallace, Readings Carlton

‘In the entire history of Polish jazz we’ve never had a band like this one. They just keep getting better and better.’ After the trio’s last album won critical praise, these comments by mentor and em…

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R.E.M: Accelerate

Reviewed by James Power, Readings St Kilda

Think along the lines of the guitar hooks of Out Of Time, Adventures In Hifi and Green with the songwriting qualities of Automatic For The People and Murmur. It’s R.E.M at their best and it’s brillia…

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JACARAS 18th Century Spanish Baroque Guitar Music of Santiago de Murcia

Reviewed by Ruth Gould, Readings Carlton

You want dance music? Real dance music? This is it! Paul O'Dette celebrates the baroque guitar with Andrew Lawrence-King (of the famed Harp Consort), two additional guitarists and percussion that set…

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A head full of rain and a heart full of puddles: Clinkerfield

Reviewed by Peter Spark, Readings Port Melbourne

Heroes of the Melbourne live music scene Clinkerfield have finally put together their first full-length studio album, and it’s been worth the wait. The album captures the rawness of the live shows, b…

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Even: Even

Reviewed by James Power, Readings St Kilda

Like a the view from the espy’s bay window with a cold beer or the vibrancy of Brunswick Street with a coffee from Mario’s, Even are a bloody great Melbourne institution we should all enjoy more ofte…

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Devotion: Cheb i Sabbah

Reviewed by Paul Barr, Folk/World Music Buyer, Readings Carlton

This Algerian born DJ and now long-time resident of San Francisco has made a series of albums featuring Indian classical music. This one really hits the spot, because unlike a lot of world-beat album…

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