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All The Sad Young Literary Men: Keith Gessen

Reviewed by Louise Swinn, Editorial Director of Sleepers Publishing

All the Sad Young Literary Men is the first novel by Keith Gessen, one of the founding editors of cutting edge US literary magazine, N+1. As the title suggests, it is primarily concerned with three o…

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The End of the Alphabet: C.S. Richardson

Reviewed by Chris Gordon, Readings Events Coordinator

I read this beautiful looking book in one sitting. I didn’t set out to, but I couldn’t put it down. It’s not a long story, but by the time I had finished my heart had broken in that way that makes yo…

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Harry, Revised: Mark Sarvas

Reviewed by Laurie Steed, Freelance Reviewer

Harry Rent is, quite literally, at a loss. A recent widower with a Buddha belly, he spends lonely days at Café Retro, a fifties throwback diner that would put Happy Days to shame. Wifeless and lifele…

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Sea Of Many Returns: Arnold Zable

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo, Managing Director of Readings

Reading Arnold Zable reminds me a bit of reading the great Nobel Prize-winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer. Like Singer, Zable’s tales are about ordinary lives, about greed and ambition, about love …

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Quarterly Essay 30: Paul Toohey

Reviewed by Jo Case, editor of Readings Monthly

This fascinating Quarterly Essay looks at the Northern Territory intervention from the perspective of a Darwin-based journalist with an intimate working knowledge of the situation leading up to the i…

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Growing Up Asian In Australia: Alice Pung

Reviewed by Kabita Dhara, Readings Carlton

What a fascinating collection of stories! Growing up Asian in Australia is an anthology of reminiscences from prominent and not so prominent Asian-Australians who all have one thing in common - lives…

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Bird: Sophie Cunningham

Reviewed by Michelle Calligaro, Assistant Manager of Readings Carlton

Who was Anna Davidoff? On the anniversary of her death, Ana-Sofia expresses a long-held desire to know more about her beautiful and enigmatic mother: a woman who deserted her young daughter to become…

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Dreamland: Tom Gilling

Reviewed by Dimitri Gonis, Freelance Writer

Nick Carmody is a has-been crime reporter who lives with a fellow subeditor, her daughter and an arthritic greyhound. His life seems average until he attends the wake of an old classmate. Nick soon f…

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The New Angel: Ali Alizedeh

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo, Managing Director of Readings

Bahram’s parents are the very epitome of modern Iran: university educated, secular, progressive. His kindly uncle Behrooz was a progressive academic. But everything changed with Islamic revolution; h…

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Novel About My Wife: Emily Perkins

Reviewed by Justine Douglas, Manager Readings Port Melbourne

Many moons ago there was an enormous amount of excitement about a young New Zealand woman writer’s debut collection of short stories entitled Not Her Real Name. Since then Emily Perkins has written s…

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