You Were Made for Me by Jenna Guillaume

You Were Made For Me is the second novel by Australian YA rom-com master Jenna Guillaume, and it does not disappoint. Our protagonist, Katie Camilleri, is sixteen years old and has never been kissed. Not for lack of want, but because she’s waiting for the perfect guy. Just when it seems that the perfect guy will never come along, Katie and her best friend Libby accidentally bring him to life using science and a bit of clay. Now that her dream guy is here everything in Katie’s life should be perfect, but of course it’s never that simple.

The story is told in a dialogue between Katie and Libby as they recount the crazy series of events that follow their experiment. Katie’s first-person account is often interrupted by Libby for a moment of fact-checking or commentary, providing a refreshing and immersive reading experience.

This is a story about the risks of being in love with the idea of being in love, and about the importance of good friends. While exploring topics like grief, body image, and sexuality, Guillaume’s voice is delightful, always funny, and authentic. You Were Made for Me is charming, hilarious and distinctly Australian. Perfect for fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and anyone who is a sucker for a good romantic comedy. For ages 14+.

Kealy Siryj works as a bookseller at Readings Kids.