What Do You Wish For by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker

Magic is one way to describe the collaboration between Jane Godwin and Anna Walker. From their first picture book together, Little Cat and the Big Red Bus, to this seasonal latest they have created charming, warm portrayals of childhood. We’ve previously joined them through a year, a week, starting school and now the anticipation and rituals of Christmas.

Ruby is looking forward to Christmas and the street party in the local park, as well as many other happy customs. One of these is the neighbourhood children hanging a Christmas wish on the big tree in the park before they perform their yearly show. What will Ruby wish for this year? She happily ponders on all the things she loves about the festive season and of course, most of the pleasure is sharing all the fun traditions with her family and friends. Baking, presents, Christmas lunch and the freedom of holidays all contribute to an enchanting time. This blithesome picture books depicts childhood in December as wholesome and safe and you wish this for all children. What does Ruby end up wishing for? Ages 2 and up.

Alexa Dretzke