Tom's Midnight Garden by Phillipa Pearce

A magical tale of friendship and adventure, Tom’s Midnight Garden was awarded the Carnegie Medal in 1958 and has been read and loved ever since, which is remarkable when you consider how much the world of the child has changed over that time.

The adventure begins late one night when Tom, sent to stay with his aunt and uncle in their small flat, hears the grandfather clock downstairs strike thirteen. He decides to investigate and, to his amazement, discovers that the tiny outdoor area has transformed into an incredibly beautiful garden in full bloom where time disobeys all convention and nothing is quite what it seems.

Together with his mysterious new-found friend Hattie, Tom finds himself in an intriguing adventure that challenges young minds to solve a conundrum that spans across time. Read this classic story aloud to children and just watch their faces, especially at the wonderful, final twist.

Athina Clarke