The Radleys: Matt Haig

Home sweet home for the Radley family is a nice house, in a nice street, in a nice, quiet British village. Peter the village doctor and his wife Helen live the kind of life you’d expect, humming along to the tune of suburban mediocrity, punctuated with the excitement of book club meetings and weekly dinners with the neighbours. Their teenagers, Clara and Rowan, are mired in the usual teenage angst and embarrassment.

So what is it about the Radleys that makes them appear so unusual? Why does the chatter and chirp of birds stop near their house? What are they doing with all that 60+ sunscreen? When Clara reacts to the unwanted advances of a local boy at a party with zeal, the blood-soaked outcome starts to answer some questions, but raises even more: the Radleys are a family of abstaining vampires. 

Whether you are a vamp-fan or not, The Radleys is a dark, thrilling and laugh-out-loud funny portrait of a modern family that strikes at the unbeating heart of what lies beneath.