The Death Chamber: Sarah Rayne

Calvary. It’s a name with a long history. And, in the case of Calvary Gaol, in the north of England, it is a place imprinted with bleakness and despair. Georgina Grey’s family history is interwoven with Calvary’s past, and it seems that she and Chad Ingram – television presenter – and his crew aren’t the only ones for whom Calvary’s grim stories hold fascination. As Georgina and Chad begin to further investigate what happened in Calvary during the 1930s, it becomes apparent that someone else is fighting to ensure that the truth remains untold; someone who will go to any lengths necessary, even at the expense of the lives of others. An engaging read that flips fluently between past and present, The Death Chamber offers the narrative viewpoint of several of the protagonists, thus enabling readers to immerse themselves in the very heart of Calvary and its shrouded mysteries … Journey there, if you dare!