The American Project: Abrams & Tilson Thomas by Yuja Wang, Louisville Orchestra & Teddy Abrams

Yuja Wang is a well-known name for any classical music enthusiast. A child prodigy, she started her studies at Beijing’s Conservatory of Music at the ripe old age of seven and took the world by storm, winning competitions and giving prestigious concerts that appealed to people of all ages around the world. In this latest offering, she is spreading her impressive musical wings across a number of genres and performing the latest piano concerto from composer Teddy Abrams. Abrams was born the same year as Wang, but in America, and raised in San Francisco. Currently the musical director of the Louisville Orchestra, he works with various organisations to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and bring the power of music to everyone.

In this 11-movement work, he allows Wang to flex her impressive musical skills with jazz riffs, cadenzas, and seamless ensemble work with the orchestra – all presented on this live recording. Listening to this brought a smile to my face more than once, with pure joy oozing from the melodic lines. As it says in the liner notes, this work was written to be a celebration of ‘the richness of America’s musical culture and the sheer depth and breadth of Yuja Wang’s virtuosity’ and it definitely ticks those boxes. Grab it and enjoy yourself.

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The American Project

Yuja Wang

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