The 19th Wife: David Ebershoff

Cast out of his polygamous Mormon sect aged 14 and dumped by the side of the road, Jordan Scott has little time for thoughts of his mother. She is one of the many wives of the sect’s corrupt and secretive leader, and leads an isolated and strange life until the day her husband is found shot dead – apparently by her. After seeing his accused mother’s face splashed across the papers, Jordan knows he must help her, despite her cruel abandonment. But what will he uncover about the true circumstances of his father’s death?

Interwoven into this modern-day mystery is the true, although fictionalised, story of Ann Eliza Young, one of the many wives of Mormon leader Brigham Young, who sensationally divorced him in 1875 and spent years crusading against polygamy and the Mormons. These two stories, more than a century apart, will collide in the most unexpected of ways. A grand, ambitious doorstop of a novel, The 19th Wife will keep you occupied for the better part of a week.