Squirrel Do Bad by Stephen Pastis

Welcome to Trubble Town where our protagonist Wendy has decided to rebel against an overprotective parent. This process begins with consuming an excess of sugar and descends into total chaos for the Trubble Town residents, and an explosion at the mayor’s office!

Trubble Town is home to all kinds of weirdos and critters who Wendy meets in her travels. There’s a guy in a peanut costume known as Nutman and three radical activist moles named Myrtle, Girdle and Menace to Society. There’s a heartbroken hairless chihuahua and the town judge is a koala open to taking bribes of eucalyptus leaves. There’s also a squirrel who must be stopped at all costs, which leads to a noteworthy abundance of Looney Tunes-style explosives.

Stephen Pastis will be known to many readers as the creator of the well-loved Timmy Failure series. Featuring simple artwork, Pastis’ unhinged new graphic novel series sits perfectly alongside the Wimpy Kid and Dog Man books. It’s a chaotic, funny and dynamite-filled distraction for those who partake in its hijinks. For ages 8+.

Kim Gruschow is the book buyer at Readings St Kilda.

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Squirrel Do Bad (Trubble Town, Book 1)

Stephan Pastis

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