Soup! Fresh Healthy Recipes Bursting With Seasonal Flavour by Vava Berry

Autumn is, traditionally speaking, the right time of year to start making soup. I pay no heed to this particular tradition and make soup all year round, so am constantly searching for interesting soup recipes. Vava Berry hascollected an extraordinary selection in this volume. There are instant soups that can be rustled up from the pantry like a tomato, coconut and peanut soup that is made from bottled passata, coconut milk and peanut butter (surprisingly delicious) as well as more glamorous suggestions, such as a black beluga lentil soup with caper and dill sour cream.

The most intriguing recipes include extras like chunky tomato soup with baked polenta dumplings and borscht with cabbage pirojkis and will undoubtedly make one reconsider the humble bowl of soup.

Justine Douglas in the manager of Readings Port Melbourne.