Romantic Piano Concertos Volume 53, Reger & Strauss

Hyperion’s Romantic PianoConcerto series hasunearthed many rarelyperformed works – somemore rewarding thanothers. Reger’s PianoConcerto in F Minor, the highlight of thisdisc, deserves the attention it gets here.Marc-André Hamelin is among the mosttechnically brilliant pianists alive, and aperfect choice for this concerto, whose pianopart is complex and demanding. There ismuch, including the dazzling piano work, toremind one of Reger’s contemporary,Rachmaninov. Reger’s melodies are not quiteas hummable as Rachmaninov’s (notnecessarily a bad thing), but the themes arestrong and completely engaging.

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Reger Piano Concerto Strauss Burleske

Hamelin Marc Andre Volkov Ilan

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