Ravenwood by Andrew Peters

Ark never wanted to make an enemy out of the High Councillor of Arborium. He just wanted to get on with his job, unclogging the toilets of the treetop city. But unfortunately for Ark, he’s overheard Councillor Grasp’s plans to sell out his beloved city to the nefarious Empire of Maw, where wood is a precious commodity. Once Maw gets its hands on Arborium, they plan to scrap it for parts. Now it’s up to Ark to find a way to save his home among the trees – and to do so, he’ll have to venture down to the dangerous roots of Ravenwood. If you’ve been on the lookout for a compulsively readable fantasy adventure, then look no further! Ravenwood is a thrilling read set in a beautifully-crafted world which readers aged ten and up will lose themselves in.

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