Outlaw Girls by Emily Gale & Nova Weetman

Ruby is a modern day hellraiser, a bored teenager with little direction in life and a chip on her shoulder. Kate is the sister of Australia’s most famous bushranger, determined to do whatever it takes to protect her family. When Kate stumbles across a portal through time and ends up in 2022, the two girls cross paths, and their intriguing adventures begin.

While the girls look similar, the times in which they live couldn’t be more different. At first, neither of them can make sense of how the other one lives, but Ruby soon learns compassion and what it is to go without when she spends time in 1878, and Kate eludes the police with ease with Ruby’s help.

Horses and history combine in this exciting middle‑grade novel that will have children who love stories about the bush and bushrangers completely hooked.

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Outlaw Girls

Emily Gale, Nova Weetman

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