My Invisible Boyfriend by Susie Day

Fifteen-year-old Heidi has returned from holidays on the first day of school to an alarming discovery – all her friends have hooked up with boyfriends – and she feels left behind. She still has Heidi plaits, is obsessed with being a detective and has a crush on her TV hero, detective extraordinaire Mycroft Christie.

So, in a moment of rashness, she allows her friends to believe she has a mystery boyfriend who has unfortunately moved away.

Heidi sets up an online presence to give her imaginary boyfriend more credibility, and she finds her friends coming to him with confessions about their lives. This creates all sorts of complications, and Heidi needs to use her detective skills to find out what’s really going on.

Heidi is a cute and quirky character who calls her parents ‘the Mothership’ and ‘Dad Man’, uses capital letters for emphasis A LOT and has imaginary conversations with her TV hero. She’s warm-hearted and generous, if not a little bit confused about the process of growing up.

This is a fantastic enjoyable read for young girls on the cusp of that inevitable journey of dating and boyfriends.

[[angela__crocombe]] Angela Crocombe