Mosquito Advertising

Mosquito Advertising is a highly engaging book full of everything a teenager could want: a massive decaying house, a great range of characters, wonderfully sleazy businessmen and friends every one would want. It’s about a 14-year-old Brisbane girl whose mum is about to lose her job and house, whose friends are all growing up and whose report card will most likely make her Mum faint - and not in a good way! So she does what any self-respecting teenager would do - she tries to save her mum’s job and house by enlisting the help of her friends and “crazy” aunt.

Now, this isn’t normally the type of book I’d read because I LOVE reading fantasy. But if you’re like me, and only read one or two non-fantasy books a year, make sure you read Mosquito Advertising. It’s one of the best non-fantasy books I’ve read in a very (VERY) long time. It was so good in fact that I give it 8½ out of 10!