Me and Armini: Emiliana Torrini

Emiliana shot to fame when she wrote a No. 1 single (Slow) for Kylie Minogue before belting out the melodramatic Gollum’s Song for the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack. The stunning 31 year old part-Italian and part-Icelander’s sensational operatic voice brings her passionate lyrics to life in her third CD, Me and Armini (even if she doesn’t remember writing the title track after tasting a bottle of whisky with her producer).

With Me and Armini comes a new energy compared to her previous, haunting CD, Fisherman’s Woman from 2005, which was informed by her boyfriend’s death in 2000. Soon after, she moved from London to Brighton to get away from it all and didn’t make music for two years. The sea change (and the hint of new love) has certainly had a positive influence on her music that is evident in the gorgeous track Birds and the lively Ha Ha, Big Jumps and Jungle Drum. This is the perfect CD to brush off the cobwebs and celebrate the new life that comes with spring!