Kizmet and the Case of the Tassie Tiger by Frank Woodley

This junior detective story is narrated by an unusual sidekick, a currawong named Gretchen. The heroine, Kizmet, is a feisty young investigator with the wits of Sherlock Holmes and the nose of a sniffer dog. Her father, Detective Spencer, is assigned a variety of unusual cases that Kizmet must solve, because her father is more of a liability than a super sleuth. In their first case, it’s an alleged sighting of the extinct Tasmanian tiger that brings them to Tasmania to solve the crime.

The Kizmet series, written by comedian Frank Woodley, will appeal to both boy and girl readers aged 7–9, particularly lovers of physical humour and tricks, and those who like a good detective story. Books 1 and 2 are released initially with more to follow.

Angela Crocombe