Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

Claire Danvers has just moved to Morganville to attend Texas Prairie University. Only sixteen, shy, academically precocious and away from home for the first time, Claire finds herself struggling to cope with university life in a strange new town. When she becomes the victim of some particularly OTT mean girl bullying in her dorm, Claire opts for share house living in the quirky Glass House. Right from the first day Claire is aware that her new housemates, gothy Eve and hunks Shane and Michael, are different. And through them she gradually learns that Morganville is an even stranger, and more dangerous, place than she could have imagined.

I must admit to thinking before reading Glass Houses that the world doesn’t need another YA vampire series. But I’m willing to change my view. This was an entertaining page-turner with some genuinely suspenseful (and comedic) moments. The slightly older college setting, and the shared house with four strong main characters sets Glass Houses apart from other books in the genre. Readers of the Vampire Academy series should enjoy the Morganville Trilogy, but most of all this book reminded me of the excellent British TV show Being Human. I will definitely be following up and reading the other books in the series, to find out what happens as the vampire and human worlds fight it out in Morganville.

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Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampires Book One

Rachel Caine

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