Frightfully Friendly Ghosties: Daren King

If there’s one thing you’ll learnin this book, it’s that thestill-alives are incredibly meanto the frightfully friendlyghosties Tabithy Tumbly,Charlie Vapour, PamelaFraidy, Rusty Chains, AgathaDraught and others. Herethey are, our lovely ghosties, doing their bestto befriend the still-alives with bedtimestories, and good mornings, and pleasantindoor breezes and fl ying books, and all thestill-alives will do is scream and lock them inthe attic! The poor ghosties are always tryingto escape locked rooms and deal with a Priestwho puts garlic in every room. And theynever forget their manners, not for onesecond. In fact, they are usually too busyapologising and being overly humble abouttheir ghostly abilities to achieve much at all.

I adored Daren King’s previous books Mouse Noses On Toast and Peter the Penguin Pioneer, and Frightfully Friendly Ghosties is an equaldelight. This is a funny and quirky read forfive to eight-year-olds who want to developtheir reading skills with something a bitdifferent from your average chapter book.