El Nuevo Mundo: Folias Criollas: Jordi Saval & Montserrat Figueras

The very prolific Jordi Savall has managed to produce, once again, a recording that will take the listener on a musical journey that transcends mere aural pleasure. Exploring the rich interplay of music and culture that occurred when Europeans first crossed the Atlantic and came under the influence of the many varied musical styles of Latin America, Savall has recorded a selection of pieces from Spain to Peru to Mexico, playing for the first time with virtuoso Mexican musicians.

As on every Savall recording, the performances are nothing short of perfect and the Alia Vox sound is stunning. Whether this music fits into what the world defines as classical is irrelevant, because the simple fact is that music this good cannot be defined.

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El Nuevo Mundo Folias Criollas

Savall Jordi

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