Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line by Deepa Anappara

Have you ever been through periods when most books you pick up fail to ignite that magical spark? I’ve just emerged from one and Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line has been my saviour. Set in an imaginary Indian city, children start disappearing from an illegal slum. The police are corrupt, take bribes, yet do nothing. The local Hindu party tries to pin it on local Muslims generally and sectarian violence threatens to erupt. Nine-year-old slum dweller Jai, together with his friends, takes on the task of solving the case.

Told through the voice of Jai, this novel is pitch perfect as we travel through life in this Indian community with its entire vicissitudes. If you loved A Fine Balance, or Behind the Beautiful Forevers or just beautiful, engaging writing, then this book is for you. It’s truly brilliant.

Mark Rubbo is the managing director of Readings.

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Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line

Deepa Anappara

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