Almost Moon

There is no doubt that Alice Sebold is a brilliantwriter. I just wish her subject matter wasn’t so disturbing. Don’tget me wrong, I love dark stories, but this is pitch black with nosign of a torch. If you survived Sebold’s latest book without too much therapy afterwards, then you’ll hopefullybe able to survive this one. The Almost Moon follows HelenKnightly, a middle-aged mother, who murders her invalid mother withdementia. The story follows the next 24 hours where Helen confrontsthe events that unfold from the terrible act she has committed andreflects on the events in her life that led her to this decision.What soon unravels is how her relationships with her mother,father, her two daughters, her ex-husband, her best friend and herbest friend’s son contribute to the person Helen is and how itmotivated her decision to eventually kill her mother. But howevergrim this book sounds, Alice’s writing somehow makes the read allworthwhile. I feel the need to read Sebold’s memoir, Lucky, toascertain whether her life experiences have fuelled her horrificstories or whether she is an incredibly creative woman with anexceptionally dark view of the world. But I need a stiff drinkfirst!
Emily Harms is Marketing Manager of Readings