36 Arguments for the Existence of God: Rebecca Goldstein

After years of languishing in academic obscurity at Frankfurter University, Psychology Professor Cass Sletzer becomes an overnight celebrity following the publication of his book, The Varieties of Religious Illusion. Dubbed the ‘atheist with a soul’ by the adoring media, Seltzer is suddenly projected into the bright lights of high-profile debates, job offers from Harvard, and a relationship with the previously unattainable ‘Goddess of Game Theory’, Professor Lucinda Mandelbaum. This newfound notoriety also brings back into his life an old flame, Roz, now an anthropologist searching for immortality through biochemisty – and triggers a personal evaluation of the events and encounters that have lead to his success.

In 36 short chapters, Goldstein cleverly manages to both refute and demonstrate each of the so-called arguments for the existence of God. She also replicates at the end the very same appendix that made Cass’ fictional book a bestseller. Part philosophical examination, part academic satire, and part fictional romp, the book is a timely and engaging look the current debate surrounding the clash between faith and reason.