With the Falling of the Dusk by Stan Grant

Stan Grant’s new book is not a long book. It will only take you an evening to read, but my advice is to take your time with it. In With the Falling of the Dusk, Grant has created his snapshot of the world, and an overview of the consequences of the world’s development and greed. This is a book about crossroads and certain points in history that illustrates where we are right now, how we arrived here and why we are here. It makes for compelling reading.

Grant is a precise writer; he uses his decades of experience as a correspondent covering global conflicts and political upheaval, as well as his own philosophical reading, to provide you with this portrait of our times. In particular, he draws on his time as a correspondent in Asia to document shifts in global power. Think of this book as a tool to reflect on the way we live and the immediate consequences of our collective inability to question our governments regarding environmental crisis, media ownership and our trade agreements. Though these are weighty topics, Grant does provide some relief, some means out of the darkness and into a world of equality and kindness. He is not an optimist though, more a realist and one that does not suffer excuses.

After reading this book, you will find yourself keen to deliberate and think more about the global issues it raises. You will find yourself asking how you can do better and be better. We want to believe we are all in it together, that we are all equal, until as Grant points out, we are not. Consider this read the start of your own response to dismay and outrage, but also to understanding how small changes can have global consequences. With the Falling of the Dusk is a wake-up call. Read it so you are in the know.

Chris Gordon is the programming and events manager for Readings.

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With the Falling of the Dusk

With the Falling of the Dusk

Stan Grant

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